We create products. All kinds of products.

Whatever we think is interesting, in either the physical or the virtual world, gets our attention and energy. We do however focus on durable products, with regard of social and environmental responsibility.

We are convinced that co-creation (creation through collaboration) is the most rewarding form of creation. It's fun to do, and results in better products.

Incubating projects

Unnamed publishing project

A web site publishing high-quality content, for a number of specific interest target groups.

Status: product design Incubating since: May 2011


A community-driven collection of sounds.

Status: development Incubating since: December 2010

Operational projects

Awesome Retro

cocreative supports Awesome Retro, retro gaming for everyone.

Started: June 2011


A series of bike tours in the historic New Dutch Waterline, the largest region of cultural heritage in The Netherlands. Participants will experience the countryside, monumental fortresses and castles, as well as sample local products along the way.

Started: December 2009 Operational since: September 2010 Status: active Partners: Boomdesign, LivingDoc, Manintveld tekst en ontwerp, Polderwachter.nl